Bill Quain is the author of 20 books on marketing, personal growth and wealth-building.  He sold over 2 million copies, in many languages.  Bill began a self-publishing business in the late 1980′s.  (His parents were self-publishers before that, and Bill eventually bought their company, Wales Publishing).

Today, Bill shows other authors how to Write Fast, Publish Cheap, & Sell More!  His programs and his one-on-one coaching are all real-life, practical solutions to your biggest problem as an author.  What is your biggest problem?  You aren’t making money!  Maybe it is because you have not written your book yet.  But, there are many authors out there who have a book – or more – and are still not making money.

Because of his books, Bill travels the world, speaking to groups of all sizes.  This spring, he will make his third trip to China, where he will promote his book Permission to Profit, and his soon-to-be-released Happy Leap Year!

Bill is a graduate of Cornell University, Florida International University, and the University of New Orleans.  He was a college professor for twenty-five years, and he now teaches part-time at a college in New Jersey.

Bill does not accept excuses – from his clients, or from himself.  He is legally blind from Macular Degeneration.  Yet, he maintains a busy schedule, traveling, writing, and coaching other authors.

He is a former Executive Chef and a hotel/restaurant owner.  In 2002, he was the host of PBS television’s show for the blind called “Cooking Without Looking.”  In 2005, Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin recruited Bill for an episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


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