Think like an author, act like a wealthy author

One of my clients, a psychotherapist who is writing a book for her patients, wanted to know how to write faster.  Now, you need to understand my philosophy here.  A wealthy author must be a fast writer.  The faster you write, the more you can sell.  So, I gave her the following advice:

become a writer by adopting the trappings of a writer.  Act like a writer.  Dress like an author, and bevisible to people around you as an author.”

What does this mean?  In her case, it meant choosing a table at a local coffee shop, and making that her “writer’s table.”  She is to dress the part, then take her computer with her and begin posing as an author while sitting at that table.  She will make herself a regular at that table, until people around her begin to take notice.  Soon, she will be a writer – in her own mind, and in the minds of the other patrons of the shop.

What about you?  Do you have a public place where you can go to wrie?  Or, even if you will only write at home, is there a set of clothes you can wear, a plce to sit, a special area where you go to become the writer?  Fit the character, and stay in character while you are writing.

This may seem silly to those of you who are new to the game.  I know it will sound sily to those of you who have never made much money as an author.  But for those of us who write consistently, and for those of us who make money, we know the value of being an author, and more importantly, being known as an author.

When I first retired from teaching college to pursue my writing full time, it was important to tell people that I am an author.  Now, it is second nature to me.  When will you make the transition?  You don’t have to leave your job to do it.  You can always say, when asked, “I am an _______, and also an author.”

Believe me, it pays!


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Bill Quain, Ph.D. is the author of 20 books. He sold 2 million+ copies, in 20 languages. He is the author of a wide variety of programs for authors, including "Write Fast, Publish Cheap, & Sell More." Bill helps authors make money with their books.
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