The Kindle Is Practically Worthless

Yes, you read the headline correctly.  I truly believe that the Kindle is practically worthless.  Let me tell you why.

One of my friends, who is 80 years old, is still very active.  In fact, he travels frequently on both business and volunteer work.  Last year, he was flying to Europe to meet with associates, and wanted to try the new Amazon Kindle.  He purchased one, loaded it with four books, and hopped on the plane.  (Well, these days, nobody “hops” on a plane, but you know what I mean.)

He loved the Kindle.  It was convenient, easy to hold, and when he got tired of reading, he switched to the “voice” mode, and listened to the books.

When he returned home, he was unpacking, and he dropped the Kindle on to a tile floor, and ruined it.  He immediately called support, and the technician tried to talk him through some repairs, but it did not work.  His Kindle was no more!

“No problem,” said the man from Amazon.  “We will ship you a new Kindle overnight, and give you a box to return the broken one – all at no cost to you.”  “Great,” said my friend, “but it had four books on it.  Can you replace them as well?”

Again, no problem for the A team.  He received the brand new Kindle the next day, with his four books on it.

What does this prove?  It proves that the Kindle is practically worthless.  Amazon is not in the business of selling Kindles.  They are in the business of selling things to go on the Kindle.  If your Kindle is broken, you wil not make continuing purchases from Amazon!  It isn’t the Kindle that has the value.  The Kindle is only a platform.

Folks, don’t make a BIG mistake in your business.  Don’t be a “one and done” author.  Find a way to get in on a continuing stream of income, then set up another one just for good measure.


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